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Disputes Over Finances Potters Bar

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One of the most common causes for family problems is financial issues once a relationahip breaks down and this is where UK Family Mediation Service Potters Bar can help.

This is also one of the most volatile forms of family disputes and one of the hardest to resolve internally. When it reaches a stage where legal intervention is required, families should consider our family mediation services rather than jumping straight to the legal option.

While we cannot replace legal advice and court proceedings, our mediators can provide a great pre-legal environment to clarify and discuss imperative issues and thus help concerned parties reach a viable verdict internally and enables you to control the decision making at all times.

Disputes over finances can take many forms and our expert mediators are amply qualified to handle all the different types of disputes that may arise. These are a few of the common disputes over finances where mediation can prove to be a huge benefit for all involved:

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Mediation is the first step for sorting out the home, finances and money


  • They can call in a mediator during a break-up to help deal with the immediate and future ramifications. This is often does as a pre-legal step or as an alternative to legal proceedings.
  • Sometimes they also choose to call in a mediator as a preventive measure, knowing a change in the childcare situation is anticipated.
  • Mediators are also called in the aftermath of a crisis or break-up, to help settle the loose ends and forge a smooth, stable future environment for everyone involved.

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Agreements reached outside of court with the help of mediation are known to work better and last longer as they are carried out in a calm, stress free environment that is devoid of the natural rigidity and hostility of a court room.

Rather than adhering to the judgment of a third party (i.e. a judge) partners will have the option of coming to a compromise which is to the liking of all involved.

Disputes over children can often turn touchy because of their emotional ramifications and a calm, unbiased mediator can help to negotiate these stormy waters and come to a final agreement.

See our mediation fees

Mediators Potters Bar focus on providing an open and useful framework of communication (now and in the future) for the participants, rather than assigning blame or re-hashing old issues.

This structured and therefore better quality communication between partners can also help to delineate good parenting practices and money management as the couple or family goes forward. This can prove extremely helpful for all the dependants, especially young children, who can also be involved in the mediation process.

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Affordable Service

Medation was our last hope and was a good option. This mediation service helped us to find our separate ways without any problem.”

– Adam


Excellent Job

It was very difficult for me to handle our divorce proceedings but, thanks to UK Family Mediation Service the whole divorce affair was done very quickly.”

– Lewis


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